Guidelines for Participants:


You must phone or email the leader ahead of any scheduled trip. It is not sufficient to phone another hiker/skier to find out the assembly place and time.

The club plans to leave the assembly place on time. Please, be there at least 5 min. prior to the designated time.

The club does not permit pets on outings and trips.

Both hiking and skiing with the club are done as a group. It is a club policy that you remain behind the leader and in front of the tail ender/sweeper. It is only with consent of the leader that any variation of this rule is permitted.

For bathroom breaks, leave your pack on the trail so that the tail ender knows you are behind a tree/rock.

Splinter groups are only permitted with prior discussion and agreement of the leader. The size of the splinter group will be decided by the leader based on terrain, weather, route finding skills, etc.

The club practices low impact hiking e.g. all garbage including toilet paper should be packet out.


Revised:  August 2013